Monday, December 26, 2011

Gas Upgrade For My Olympic Torchbearer Kiln.

 Just looking at the new rig, you understand why the plumber and gas company refer to "a meter upgrade" rather than a regulator upgrade.  The meter required dwarfs the regulator. 
(the regulator has the curvy vent pipe attached to it.)
There is a shut off to the house appliances and one to the kiln line.
I turn the line off in the house when I am not firing, to discourage vandals.
 New meter from gas street source.  2psi
Meter to old household line/appliances.  .25psi 

Meter before Kiln with protective cap. 
 I will make a cover to protect the regulator from rain and freezing. 
Regulator reduces pressure to 12 water col. inches.
Uncovered meter.  Reduces pressure to below 12 column inches.
Outside shutoff valve.
Inside shutoff valve.  Yellow valve to kiln. 
Kiln in metal shed.

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