Sunday, September 13, 2009


On the way to the studio. I need to put in more windows before winter gets here.

I cleaned up the ears after shooting them. I find when you take a photograph, you look at the pots more carefully.

The cut foot in the cylindrical jar is so you can see that the foot is high and the container space ends above the whole.
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67daniel said...

Thanks for sharing this magnificient piece.

Best wishes from Brighton, U.K.

Daniel Yanez.

Lee Love said...

Thank you Daniel!

Karen said...

Hi Lee,

You don't know me, as I found this blog through the vagaries of the internet. But I really like your stuff, and keep coming back here again and again. I have just been looking again through your tea bowls, and I like them very much (as well as the other things here.) So, I guess I just wanted to say hi, from a random fan (and pot-dabbler) way over on the east coast.

-Karen Miller

Lee Love said...

Thank you Karen! I've been working at transitioning from Japan to the USA. Working on making my pots be relevant to both places.

Michael said...

I admire the form of the middle jar, is there a traditional use for it. would the finished surface be wood fired?

Lee Love said...

Hi Michael,

It is from a fresh water tea form. I fired it in iron yellow with runs of ash glaze at the top in soda. I'll try to get a photo of it later today. (please remind me if I forget!)