Monday, May 11, 2009

55 Chawan

I am 55 this year. I put together 55 Chawan for my 55 year as my contribution to the Northern Clay Center McKnight Show.


Swanica explores Japan said...

Hi Lee,

55 Bowls. A great idea. You explained about Hamada. It looks beautiful! Can you please, send me your address to my email: I want to mail something to you. I return this Wednesday to Japan and would like to mail it before that.
Wish you good luck with the show and that you will sell out!!!

Anonymous said...

Its an great idea..
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Jeffrey R. Guin said...

Beautiful tea bowls Lee. Are all of them wheel thrown? Would love to see how you foot rings.

hildur og otto said...

So beautiful every one of them. Thanks for sharing

Lee Love said...

Thanks Jeffrey and Hildur! Jeffrey, I learned some new trimming techniques at Mungyeong. I will share them here soon.